8 Week Meditation and Mindfulness Course

8 Weeks Zen Meditation and Mindfulness for Health and Wellbeing Course

Meditation and Mindfulness have been welcomed in the clinical world as an effective tool in the treatment of stress, anxiety, time and role pressure, physical and emotional pain or depression, among others.

This 8-week course is an in-depth and miscellaneous one in which a range of subject are addressed in direct relation with the practice. This is introduced in a progressive and methodological way. By building up a solid base of inner balance, it gently floods out into more and more aspects of life.

Lessons are given every week to offer participants the chance to witness their own progress, solve the necessary doubts which arise from the practice, as well as to learn the different meditation techniques and to truly deepen in them.

This course is rooted in the secular (non-religious) meditation tradition called Bompu Zen, taught since the IX century and centred in physical and mental wellbeing. Its contents have been designed by Julian Daizan Skinner (www.zenways.org), Zen master, author and yoga and meditation instructor.

The 8-week format is partly due to the seminal work of Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD at the University of Massachusetts. This Zenways course has been taught already in BAE Systems, Support 2 Recovery, Oxford University, Kids Company, Westminster University, Isle of Wight Council y Hammersmith Hospital.

Additionally, participants in this course can voluntarily participate in a research by Oxford University called The Influence of Mindfulness and Meditation on Overall Life Satisfaction, conducted by Professor Maryanne Martin del Department of Experimental Psychology.

No experience is required in meditation to take this course. In each session, it will be given to participants, handouts with a summary of the points covered and they will have access to audio-visual materials for their practice at home.

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